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Relationship between ordinary bending machine and CNC bending machine

Release time:2020-12-21     Views

  In understanding, the main purpose of the use of bending machine is to bend metal. No matter the processing process, there are always these parameters: bending depth, bending angle, etc. If it is necessary to ensure that these parameters meet the requirements, more accurate control is needed. CNC bending machine has this advantage, the relationship between ordinary bending machine and CNC bending machine is described below.

  Simply speaking, CNC bending machine is only adding CNC device or CNC system on the basis of ordinary bending machine. Of course, it can also be understood that after dismantling the CNC system, it can also be used as an ordinary bending machine. The difference between them is CNC system. This is the key to the performance of both.

  The advantages of NC bending machine compared with ordinary type bending machine lie in

  1. Bending angle and depth: the CNC system can automatically calculate the depth according to the added parameters and conditions, and can ensure the same angle consistent more efficiently.

  2. It can provide high stability and flexibility, and can compensate according to the actual cleaning in the working process of the bending machine, and effectively ensure the bending results.

  3. It can realize the error alarm on the basis of CNC system, etc.

  If from the perspective of use, the actual use of the bending machine without the CNC system will become smaller, and for the CNC bending machine in maintenance state, considering the removal of the CNC system to realize the ordinary bending machine is not too high value.

  CNC bending machine for ordinary bending machine also has shortcomings, this is because the CNC bending machine depends on the stability and operability of the CNC system. In addition, the overall operating environment is relatively high.

  The relationship between ordinary bending machine and CNC bending machine can be changed to a certain extent, but in fact, they have their own practical value.

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