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Precision operation of four roll bending machine with auxiliary device

Release time:2020-12-21     Views

  Four roll bending machine is a special machine for sheet metal bending and correcting, and also a product for sheet metal forming and bending. Therefore, with the help of auxiliary device, the conical cylinder can be rolled. Also can carry on the rough shaping work to the metal plate.

  The completion of this series of rolling work is controlled by hydraulic transmission of the lower roller of the four roller plate bending machine.

  Moreover, the clamping force produced by the four roll bending machine will not cause local plastic deformation of the steel plate, and the workpiece rolled out is qualified. Therefore, the transmission mode of the lower roller is above.

  Hydraulic transmission is adopted, but because the weight of the lower roll of the four roll plate bending machine is very large, most of the lower roll still needs to give the upper roller an upward force in the process of plate rolling.

  Therefore, enough friction force can be generated between the upper roll of the four roll plate bending machine and the rolled steel plate, so as to accurately complete the relevant rolling work.

  Of course, many times, in the process of four roll bending machine, the hydraulic cylinders at both ends of the lower roll are required to not only provide pressure, but also have the function of pressure maintaining.

  This is mainly due to the lower roller in the process of movement speed requirements are not high, hydraulic transmission has a smooth transmission, easy to achieve overload protection, easy to achieve automation.

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