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Operation instructions for three roll plate bending machine of Mingren machine tool

Release time:2020-12-21     Views

  In order to help Mingren company's three roller plate bending machine customers better and correctly operate our machine and extend the service life of the machine, the operation instructions of the three roller plate bending machine are briefly described as follows, hoping to help new and old customers.

  The feeding of metal plate is driven by the friction force between the metal plate and the work roll. According to the radian formed by the three tangent points of the metal plate and the work roll, the plate is bent into an arc, and the required arc curvature radius is achieved by adjusting the lifting degree of the upper roll.

  (1) . during rolling: firstly, make sure that the three rollers are parallel, make the distance between the lower bus bar of the upper roll and the upper bus bar of the lower roll slightly larger than the plate thickness, and then send one end of the sheet metal to the middle of the lower roll, and then operate the upper roller to lower and clamp the steel plate end. Operate the lower roll rotation (make the rotation direction consistent with the feed direction) to perform the initial bending of the middle part of the sheet metal, and adjust the lifting degree of the upper roll according to the size of the curvature radius, and repeat for several times until the required curvature radius.

  (2) When unloading: lift the upper roller to a certain height, screw down the unloading device to press the tail of the upper roller, and then pull it out

  When the movable pin is pulled down, the rolled metal cylinder can be unloaded from one end of the upper roller, so far the unloading work is completed. After unloading, reset the movable inverted head and insert the inverted pin.

  (3) Attention: before rolling, the oxide slag around the unfolding part should be removed to avoid damage to the surface of work roll during operation. The welded workpiece should be polished before rolling or correcting on the machine. In order to prevent the occurrence of accidents, the upper and lower rollers shall not crush each other, and a gap larger than the plate thickness must be left.

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