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Six development trends of CNC machine tool industry

Release time:2020-12-21     Views

  With the continuous development of advanced manufacturing technology in the world, the application of ultra-high speed cutting and ultra precision machining technology, the rapid development of flexible manufacturing system and the continuous maturity of computer integrated system put forward higher requirements for CNC machining technology. Today's CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, bending machine industry, will be toward the following six trends.

  1. Multifunctional. All kinds of machining centers equipped with automatic tool changing mechanism (the capacity of tool magazine can reach more than 100) can realize milling, boring, drilling, turning, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processes on the same machine tool at the same time. Modern CNC machine tools also adopt multi spindle and multi facet cutting, that is, cutting different parts of a part in different ways at the same time. Because of the use of multi CPU structure and hierarchical interrupt control mode, the CNC system can process parts and program simultaneously on one machine tool to realize the so-called "foreground processing, background editing". In order to meet the requirements of flexible manufacturing system and computer integrated system, the CNC system has a long-distance serial interface, and even can be connected to the network to realize the data communication between CNC machine tools, and also can directly control multiple CNC machine tools.

  2. High speed, high precision. Speed and precision are two important indexes of CNC machine tools, which are directly related to processing efficiency and product quality. At present, the numerical control system uses the processor with higher bit and frequency to improve the basic operation speed of the system. At the same time, the ultra large scale integrated circuit and multi microprocessor structure are used to improve the data processing ability of the system, that is, to improve the speed and accuracy of interpolation operation. The linear servo feed mode of the machine tool table driven directly by the linear motor has superior high speed and dynamic response characteristics. Using feedforward control technology, the tracking lag error is greatly reduced, and the machining accuracy of corner cutting is improved.

  In order to meet the requirements of ultra-high-speed machining, CNC machine tool adopts the structure of spindle motor and machine spindle, which realizes the integration of variable frequency motor and machine spindle. The bearing of spindle motor adopts magnetic bearing, liquid dynamic and static pressure bearing or ceramic rolling bearing. At present, ceramic tools and diamond coated tools have been used.

  3. Intelligent. Modern CNC machine tool (plate bending machine) will introduce adaptive control technology, according to the change of cutting conditions, automatically adjust the working parameters, so that the processing process can maintain the best working condition, so as to obtain higher machining accuracy and smaller surface roughness, and also can improve the service life of the tool and the production efficiency of the equipment. It has the function of self diagnosis and self repair. In the whole working state, the system can self diagnose and check the CNC system itself and various equipment connected with it at any time. In case of any fault, the shutdown and other measures shall be taken immediately, and the fault alarm shall be given to prompt the position and cause of the fault. It can also automatically make the fault module offline and connect the standby module to ensure the requirements of unmanned working environment. In order to achieve higher requirements of fault diagnosis, its development trend is to use artificial intelligence expert diagnosis system.

  4. NC programming automation. With the development of computer application technology, CAD / CAM graphic interactive automatic programming has been widely used, which is a new trend of numerical control technology development. It is to use the part processing drawing drawn by CAD, and then calculate and post process the tool path data in the computer, so as to automatically generate NC part processing program, so as to realize the integration of CAD and cam. With the development of CIMS technology, CAD / CAPP / CAM integrated full-automatic programming mode has appeared. The biggest difference between it and CAD / CAM system programming is that the processing parameters required by the programming do not need to be manually involved, but can be obtained directly from the CAPP database in the system.

  5. Reliability maximization. The reliability of CNC machine tools has always been the main index that users are most concerned about. The numerical control system will adopt the circuit chip with higher integration degree, and use the large-scale or super large-scale special-purpose and hybrid integrated circuit, so as to reduce the number of components and improve the reliability. Through the hardware function software, to adapt to the requirements of various control functions, at the same time, the hardware structure is adopted. The modularization, standardization, generalization and serialization of the machine tool body make it not only improve the hardware production batch, but also facilitate the organization of production and quality control. It also realizes fault diagnosis and alarm for hardware, software and various external devices in the system by automatically running startup diagnosis, online diagnosis, offline diagnosis and other diagnostic procedures. Using the alarm prompt, timely troubleshooting; using fault-tolerant technology, using "redundancy" design for important parts to achieve fault self recovery; using various testing and monitoring technology, when the production of overrun, knife damage, interference, power failure and other accidents, the corresponding protection will be automatically carried out.

  6. The control system is miniaturized. The miniaturization of numerical control system is convenient for the combination of mechanical and electrical devices. At present, VLSI components and multilayer printed circuit boards are mainly used, and the three-dimensional installation method is adopted to make the electronic components to be installed with high density and reduce the space occupied by the system on a large scale. The use of new color liquid crystal display instead of the traditional cathode ray tube will further miniaturize the CNC operating system. In this way, it can be easily installed on the machine tool equipment, more convenient for the operation of CNC machine tools.

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